PMC's Public Notice to all Medical and Dental Practitioners

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Pakistan Medical Commission (PMC) issued a notification as a public alert to all medical and dental practitioners in Pakistan. PMC advises practitioners not to take admission for Post Graduate Degrees which are not recognized/recognised by the Council. Therefore, the PMC directed the candidates to ensure that the council recognizes the degree in which they wish to take admission.

Pakistan Medical Commission PMC has also given some rules regarding admissions in Post Graduate Degree which are as follows.

  • “The Council may, subject to evaluation and recommendation to the Authority, approve and recognize post-graduate, additional or alternative qualifications offered by any institute in Pakistan.”
  • “The Council may, subject to assessment and recommendation to the Authority, recognize any medical institution in Pakistan which trains and grants or both trains and grants for the purposes of the practice of medicine or dentistry and Grants recognized postgraduate, additional, or alternative qualifications.”

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List of PMC Recognized Qualifications in Pakistan

Below we have provided the link which contains the qualification recognized by PMC. Therefore, medical and dental practitioners should review the list before enrolling in any postgraduate degree. (

The PMC also informed that the commission will register only those postgraduate qualifications which are valid in terms of law.

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