Punjab Govt Revised Notification Regarding GP Fund Subscription Rates 2022

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The Governor of Punjab has issued the notification of the revised General Provident Fund Rates for the year 2022 of the province of Punjab. As per the latest notification, they have once again decided to revise the subscription rate of GP funds for session 2022. For the convenience of Punjab employees, they have entered the monthly General Provident Subscription Fund rate and basic pay scale number. It is also mandatory to mention that the deduction based on the above rates will be made from the salary of October 2022, payable on 1st November 2022. Subscription will be suspended or suspended during training or vacation. For more details, keep scrolling.

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Punjab Government Revised GP Fund Subscription Rates 2022:

Check the revised General Provident Fund Rates for Punjab Province 2022 listed below.

No. No Basic Pay Scale GP Fund Rates
1 BPS-01 600 Rs
2 BPS-02 1060 Rs
3 BPS-03 1150 Rs
4 BPS-04 1230 Rs
5 BPS-05 1330/- Rs
6 BPS-06 1420 Rs
7 BPS-07 1500 Rs
8 BPS-08 1600/- Rs
9 BPS-09 1700 Rs
10 BPS-10 1800 Rs
111 BPS-11 1920/- Rs
12 BPS-12 3300/- Rs
13 BPS-13 3570 Rs
14 BPS-14 3900 Rs
15 BPS-15 4290 Rs
16 BPS-16 4960/- Rs
17 BPS-17 Rs.6350/-
18 BPS-18 7960/- Rs
19 BPS-19 10660/- Rs
20 BPS-20 11950 Rs
21 BPS-21 13260 Rs
22 BPS-22 14660/- Rs
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