University Jobs in Pakistan | Top 20 University Jobs (Salary Package Rs. 150,000)

University Jobs in Pakistan Are you a recent university graduate in Pakistan looking for a job? Do you find this process difficult, especially since most jobs require experience? Don’t worry- there are plenty of jobs available for university graduates.

In this blog post, We’ll take a look at some of the best options available to you. So read on, and find the best job for you! University Jobs in Pakistan

Pakistan is a country rich in culture and heritage. There are many job opportunities for university graduates in the country. Below is a list of some of the top universities in Pakistan.

The first job on the list is teaching at a university. Many universities are always looking for qualified teachers to join their faculty. If you have a PhD. Or a master’s degree in a field of study, then you may be able to find a teaching job at a university.

Another option for those with a graduate degree is to work as a research assistant. Research assistants help professors with their research projects and can learn a great deal about research by working with experienced professors. You

No PhD is required for this job, but you may need to publish articles in academic journals before applying for any of these positions. In addition to education, there are other opportunities for university graduates with degrees in engineering or business administration. University Jobs in Pakistan

University Jobs in Pakistan

1. Accountant

Pakistan is a fast growing economy. Thus, there are many different companies in all fields looking for qualified accountants. If you have a degree in accounting, this is definitely the right job for you!

2. Administrator

Administrative jobs are available in almost every office and company. Administrative positions often require a university degree, but if you have two to three years of work experience, you can apply without it.

The key to finding an administrative job is showing that you have good communication skills and are able to work well with others.

3. Lecturer Jobs

As a lecturer, you will basically teach classes. You may have to do some administrative work – but teaching is the most important aspect of this work.

To qualify for the position of lecturer as a university graduate, it is usually necessary that you have a master’s degree in your field of study. However, it often helps to get a higher education beyond a master’s degree. PhDs may even be required for some of these jobs, especially if the university offers a postgraduate study program.

4. Assistant Professor

Like the lecturer position, students need an assistant professor to teach. Some universities list this position as ‘Education and Research’ in their advertisements for applicants.

To be considered for the position of Assistant Professor, you will need at least a master’s degree in your field of study. PhDs are preferred for some of these jobs – and may be required.

5. Journalist

Journalism is a field that requires an individual who can think critically and analytically. Graduating from a university with degrees in English literature, journalism, communications, or media studies may be the ideal job for them.

6. Analyst

Pakistan is a fast growing country, and this is especially true in the private sector. Companies are always looking for business analysts to solve problems and improve their company’s performance.

To qualify for analyst jobs in Pakistan, it is usually necessary to have a master’s degree in economics or finance. In fact, some analyst positions may require a PhD.

7. System Analyst

Like the jobs of business analysts, systems analysts help private companies or government organizations improve their computer systems and internal processes to enhance efficiency and effectiveness.

8. Research Officer

Research officers assist other educators – such as professors – in carrying out research projects. They need the ability to think critically and in some cases they may need a master’s degree.

9 Teaching assistants

The job of a teaching assistant is very similar to that of an instructor or lecturer. You will be primarily responsible for ensuring that students are adhering to the class schedule and attending all classes.

For these positions, it is usually necessary that you have a master’s degree – but sometimes they also employ someone with a bachelor’s degree.

10. Software Engineer

Pakistan is a fast growing center of information technology. If you have the skills and abilities needed to become a software developer, this might be the best job for you!

11. Accountant Trainee

Like many countries, Pakistan needs competent accountants to run its various private and public institutions. This is one of the most available positions for university graduates, and you can easily find job advertisements that require CPA certification skills.

12. Sales Person

Salespeople are expected to be creative thinkers who are able to solve problems and increase sales through effective communication with customers.

To qualify for a sales job without a degree, it is usually necessary that you have some years of sales experience. Most universities do not offer sales training courses – so it is usually learned on the job.

13. Content Writer

Businesses and other organizations need talented authors to create interesting, engaging content for social media platforms as well as their websites and marketing materials.

14 Office Manager

Office managers are responsible for coordinating various administrative tasks. This may include scheduling meetings, arranging documents, making presentations, arranging access to a building or office space, etc.

You will need at least a bachelor’s degree to qualify for these positions – and some of them will even need a master’s degree.

15 Office Assistant. Office assistant

Office assistants perform a variety of tasks, including checking emails, making copies, handling telephone calls, and collecting documents.

For these positions it is usually necessary that you have a bachelor’s degree – but sometimes they will only hire anyone with a high school diploma.

16 Accounts Payable Officer

Accounts Payable Officers are responsible for entering receipts into the system, authorizing payments to vendors and suppliers, receiving accounts and completing negotiations between payers.

17 Accounts Receiving Officer

The officers receiving the accounts are in charge of collecting the outstanding receipts from the customers. They will need to identify who owes the company money and work with them to get paid.

18 Operations Officer

Operational officers are responsible for overseeing various operational tasks, such as scheduling flights or trains, delivering mail, arranging access to buildings, and so on. For these positions, it is usually necessary to have a bachelor’s degree – but sometimes they hire someone with just a high school diploma. If you have a bachelor’s degree – you should be able to find a job relatively easily!

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19 Data Analysts

Data analysts are responsible for collecting, organizing and analyzing data to help organizations make informed decisions.

To qualify for these positions without a degree, it is usually necessary that you have many years of experience in an organization. This could be volunteering or an internship, depending on what is available in your area.

20 Program Manager

Program managers are responsible for creating, planning and coordinating projects. They need to ensure that the various phases of each project are successfully completed – as well as ensure that everything is on time, within budget, and in line with specifications.

You won’t be able to get a program manager position without a bachelor’s degree – but it can be a great career for bachelors and masters program graduates in the social sciences and liberal arts (such as history, politics, or English).

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21 Library Assistant

Library assistants work in libraries, taking care of various tasks such as checking books in and out, collecting documents, making photocopies, and arranging book exhibitions.

To qualify for these positions without a degree, it is usually necessary that you have a high school diploma or equivalent. You can only find work in small libraries or in rural areas with a high school diploma.

University Jobs in Pakistan

University Jobs in Pakistan
University Jobs in Pakistan

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