Jazz 4G Device Packages 2021

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I prefer to go with an offer of 60 GB per month for only Rs 1500, but if you need more volume, there are more options available like 150 GB for Rs 2500.

The company currently offers all of the following packages. You can choose any one and enjoy the whole month at affordable prices.

Basic package

999 for 30 days at 30 GB (15 GB from 1am to 9pm).

Regular package

15 GB for 60 days for 30 days (30 GB from 1am to 9am).

Mega package

100 GB for 30 days. 2000 (50GB from 1am to 9am).

Heavy package

150 GB for 30 days at Rs. 2500 (75 GB from 1am to 9am).

Three month bundle

36 GB at Rs. 4000 per month

Six month bundle

75 GB for Rs. 10,000 per month

How to subscribe to Jazz 4G internet device packages?

To subscribe to any package, just dial * 6363 # and follow the instructions. At the end of each month, the package is not automatically subscribed, and you have to reactivate the offer for the next month.

How to subscribe with Jazz login panel?

Jazz 4G device panel

Jazz 4G device panel

Jazz 4G device panel

Follow the steps below and it will help you to subscribe to the packages.

  • Connect your Jazz Wi-Fi device to your desktop or mobile.
  • Open the browser and dial in the URL. The login screen will appear and login with the admin details. If the login details are set by default then type admin in both the boxes, you can also check in the pictures below.
  • Available packages are listed, and you can choose any of them. If you have enough balance, it will be subscribed in seconds.
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